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If you're looking to give yourself or your loved ones a generous smart bed gift, look no further than the Eight Sleep Pod.

Its brought to you by Eight Sleep, a company that specializes in smart technology products and cutting-edge sleep tracking functionality.

The Pod is a high-tech smart mattress that combines cooling and heating technology, designed to cater to your sleep needs.

You can cool and heat each side of the bed from the Eight Sleep app.

You can regulate the temperature and set timers for when cooling or heating temperatures should kick in.

Constructed with mixed foam, comprising polyfoam and memory foam and a transitional support layer of condensed polyfoam.

The premium active grid layer made of three-layer memory foam provides the right balance of contouring and support to your body.

On a firmness scale, the Pod is a medium feel firmness. Allowing the right balance of support to the body and having the feeling of lying on the mattress and not sinking into it.

Where the Eight Sleep Pod really is in a league of its own is its smart technology. The Pod mattress has sleep tracking sensors across the exterior.

These sleep tracking sensors collate advanced individual sleep data, on each side of the bed, analyzing two sleepers. A true multi-tasker!

Measurements gathered include sleep time, sleep cycle, heart rate variability, and how much you toss and turn during the night to name a few biometrics.

This sleep data is then used to give a sleep score each night, determined by sleep quality, duration, and levels of recovery

Access to your full sleep reports can be done remotely via the Pod's app settings leaving you footloose and fancy-free to get under the covers and sleep.

The Eight Sleep app also allows you to adjust your temperature settings. You can pre-program your preferred temperature setting.

That's not all, the app also has a white noise machine and an alarm functionality built-in.

The Eight Sleep Pod is so much more than a mattress. It’s one of the best smart mattresses available, allowing you to take a step into a new era of sleeping the smart way!

Key Features
  • 12-inch premium foam mattress with 5 layers of comfort
  • Automated cooling & heating
  • Dual-zone temperature for each side
  • Sleep tracking
  • Body & environment monitoring
  • Alarm - gentle rise technology
  • Sleep App by Eight
  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress

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