YOGATAIL Aerial Trapeze Yoga Swing

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The YOGATAIL Aerial Trapeze Yoga Swing is a new swing designed for aerial yoga workouts. 

Made with 2 kinds of cotton, 1 for the swing aspect and another for workout equipment. Its high-quality materials can withstand up to 600 pounds, making it perfect for people of all fitness levels. 

It comes with an exercise manual and instructional video, so there's no excuse to skip out on using this equipment.

Ideal for providing an increased sense of balance and coordination, improved flexibility, range of motion, and an enhanced posture and core stability 

Featuring 2 extension straps, each strap has a loop and a metal ring. This allows you to attach the straps to another stationary object, such as a pull-up bar or exposed beam.

You'll get a great workout that increases physical ability while simultaneously having an enjoyable aerial yoga experience.

Key Features
  • Silk hammock
  • Triple-stitch protection
  • Load capacity 600 pounds
  • Easy set up guide + 1 e-book beginner & advanced instructional guide
  • 4 XL stainless steel carabiners
  • 2 Daisy chain extender straps
  • 6 Soft padded handles

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