Core Stretch – Adjustable Back, Shoulder + Hamstring Stretcher

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Originally developed for physical therapists to help patients achieve the safest lower back stretch by using the body's natural traction, the Core Stretch - Adjustable Back, Shoulder + Hamstring Stretcher is a must-have device for muscle tightness. 

The unique design elongates the back, stretching tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments not only in your back but, also those that work in conjunction with the back.

Helping to minimize pain, and making the muscles in the back, hips, hamstrings, and arms strong and flexible. 

Boasting a 3-plan swivel enables up-and-down, side-to-side, and twisting motions for all major muscle groups. 

The Core Stretch machine has an extendable rod to accommodate taller heights and the soft foam hip cushions provide comfort for a more effective stretch.

The design is lightweight with a small footprint, making it collapsible after use and allowing easy storage.

No matter what level of mobility you presently have, the CoreStretch will provide extra comfort for you!

Key Features
  • Made of aluminum
  • 3 adjustable levels of fitness
  • 10 sizing options
  • Soft foam hip cushions
  • 3-plan swivels
  • Comes with a stretching guide
  • Seating, standing, or floor position stretching

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