Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

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Get a deep and effective gym-style stretch in the comfort of your home or office with the Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

It's the only machine available on the market that has an adjustable seat that can be customized in 7 different positions to cater to fit the height of different users. 

Ideal to help improve flexibility, range of motion, sports performance, and relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, all with the correct form. 

Boasting an adjustable seat and removable calf stretch board offers complete flexibility for your body.

It offers premium quality at a mid-range budget, making this stretching machine more affordable. 

Start your stretching journey today!

Key Features
  • Steel frame
  • Safety wrist straps
  • Dual approach handles
  • Integrated wheel design
  • 3 adjustable calf stretching angles
  • Seat with 7 adjustable positions
  • Maximum user capacity: 300 pounds
  • Comes with illustrated exercises

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