Motive Fitness TS200 Commercial Stretch Machine

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LAST UPDATED: 6 May 2021

Get a superior stretching experience all rolled-into-one machine with the Motive Fitness TS200 Commercial Stretch Machine

A stretching machine designed to provide users of all sizes with a total solution to stretching for warm-up, improved mobility, and relief from pain. 

Equipped with an ergostretch handlebar system enables multiple grips to target different muscles and accommodates exercisers of all sizes. 

The ergostretch platform and rollers ensure users are always in the correct position and stable during every stretch. 

Wheels are integrated into the welded frame to make moving the TS200 a breeze.

If that wasn't impressive enough it includes a durable and comfortable padded seat and placard illustrating a circuit of 10 stretching exercises. 

Start stretching out of your comfort zone with the Motive Fitness TS200 Commercial Stretch Machine!

Key Features
  • Durable silver frame
  • Black upholstery
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Ergostretch handlebar system for multiple grips
  • Ergostretch platform for the correct position
  • Ergostretch rollers give leg stabilization
  • Comes with a placard with 10 different stretching exercises for the whole body
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