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The Mini-Fast Diet

Burn Fat Faster Than Ever with the Simple Science of Intermittent Fasting

Jun 25, 2013 | 386 Pages
The Mini-Fast Diet

A clinically proven, research-backed mini fast that drives the body into an extreme fat-burning state called ketosis. To do this, simply skip breakfast and add a simple exercise program to your morning routine to help increase slimming results.

Once you finish the mini-fast, go back to your regular eating habits for the remainder of the day. Be sure to include proper portions of lean protein, vegetables, and low-fat carbs that won't spike your blood sugar levels. And don't worry about calorie counting or feeling famished.

This expertly designed program will teach readers everything they need to know about the ketogenic diet, including:

  • How to kickstart and stay in ketosis.
  • A 2-week sample meal plan with more than 50 easy, delicious recipes.
  • Advice on safe, effective exercise habits.
  • An illustrated guide to the fitness plan.
  • Plus, success stories from people who have changed their lives with the diet And science on how following a keto diet can help fight or prevent diabetes, arthritis heart disease, and more.

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