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The Thrill of Krill

What You Should Know About Krill Oil

Apr 07, 2015 | 179 Pages
The Thrill of Krill

Scientific practitioners have been lauding the various health advantages of omega-3 fatty acids for more than 30 years. Omega-3 consists of three key types: EPA, DHA, and ALA.

Referred to as "essential," these elements are indispensable for the proper functioning of our body. The range of roles they play is remarkable!

They help protect against heart attacks and lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, arthritis pain, premenstrual symptoms, etc; improving memory and warding off depression while fighting wrinkles and skin problems - it's all possible with essential substances in tow.

Recent scientific discoveries have unveiled an even more powerful, easily assimilated source of omega-3 than seeds and nuts or cold water fish - such as salmon. This newfound resource may be capable of providing more effective defense within the body.

Dennis Goodman, MD, renowned best-selling author of The Thrill of Krill, has crafted a comprehensive guide to unlock the profound advantages of krill oil for those wishing to live their healthiest lives.

Unfamiliar with these minuscule shrimp-like beings? Found in oceans and seas worldwide, they are essential for many species' diets - including humans!

Krill oil is an essential dietary component for almost all life in the ocean, from whales and seals to squids and fish. In comparison with fish oil, which offers similar benefits to humans, krill oil is far superior.

Studies demonstrate that krill oil is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, in contrast to fish oil which is slower to take effect.

In his book, The Thrill of Krill, Dr. Goodman delves into the newest studies around krill oil and its unique health advantages. He further distinguishes between the several varieties available on the market today through an extensive resource section to give readers a better understanding of krill's efficacy.

In this sea of nutritional supplements, it can be difficult to discern which one will truly make a difference in your well-being. Fortunately, The Thrill of Krill has arrived with scientific evidence to support its immense power—a source of omega-3s that could improve the quality of life and health you deserve!

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