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Power Of Vitamin D

A Vitamin D Book That Contains The Most Scientific, Useful And Practical Information About Vitamin D - Hormone D

Apr 06, 2015 | 302 Pages
Power of Vitamin D

The global Coronavirus pandemic has piqued public and scientific interest in vitamin D, with one key query: is there concrete proof that taking vitamin D can treat or even prevent COVID-19? Yes--but only if the dosage is precise.

In his renowned work "Power of Vitamin D", Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD (formerly an Assistant Professor at UCLA) explores clinical research which suggests that by taking vitamin D we may not only decrease our chances of contracting COVID-19 but also mitigate the severity if infected with it!

Dr. Zaidi's invaluable advice on the exact amount of vitamin D necessary to combat COVID-19 is not only crucial in today's pandemic but also essential for sustaining overall well-being and fitness.

Vitamin D affects virtually every single organ system of the body; from immune functioning and cardiovascular health to skin clarity and bone strength - just to name a few!

Despite the vitamins they consume, their diet, milk consumption, or sun exposure, Dr. Zaidi elucidates why most people still experience Vitamin D deficiency.

While many people would benefit from supplementing their vitamin D intake, the book also provides comprehensive advice on how to monitor and calculate individual dosages throughout the year.

This essential guidebook is a must-have for anyone seeking to maximize their Vitamin D intake and harness the power of this “sunshine vitamin” for maximum health benefits!

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