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The Microbiome Breakthrough

Oct 30, 2018 | 320 Pages
The Microbiome Breakthrough

Discover a scientifically-backed, medication-free strategy to battle depression, anxiety, and brain fog by focusing on the entire body. This approach looks holistically at your brain, gut microbiome, and thyroid in order to achieve lasting well-being.

The Whole Brain program is the key to unlocking a connection between the brain, gut, microbiome, and thyroid; if any one element of this system is compromised it will have an effect on all. By using The Whole Brain approach you can restore balance in your body.

Dr. Raphael Kellman, a leader in integrative health, proposes his innovative concept of "the whole brain" - a vast biological system created from the microbiome, gut, and thyroid.

Dr. Kellman then unveils an innovative approach to treating depression and other mental health issues through a focus on the interconnectedness of your systems, unveiling how this system can effectively heal any mood or psychological disorder without pharmaceutical intervention.

Drawing on his years of medical expertise and the newest scientific research, Dr. Kellman's novel provides a captivating and understandable explanation as to how your brains work best when you target optimal brain health by healing your microbiome, gut, and thyroid.

Unlock your inner potential and become the healthiest version of yourself with our three-week plan! This comprehensive program offers 21 days of meal plans, featuring 50 original and effortless recipes; a full physical exercise regimen; as well as daily meditations and affirmations -all designed to help you reach optimal well-being.

If you're looking to feel better, or if you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, the Whole Brain program is for you! Everyone can benefit from this approach which will help improve one’s mental health in an easy-to-follow way.

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