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The Carnivore Cookbook

Profile picture of maria-emmerich Maria Emmerich (Author)
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Jan 07, 2020 | 336 Pages
The Carnivore Cookbook

Maria Emmerich, a revered cookbook author, and low-carb pioneer invites you to explore Keto Carnivore in her revolutionary new book.

Did you know that our prehistoric ancestors were more carnivorous than even the apex predators of today's savannas such as hyenas and tigers? Unearth the truth about what we have eaten for eons with Maria!

Just 30,000 years ago, our diets looked drastically different than they do today. The invention of agriculture around 7,000 years ago as well as the introduction of thousands of food additives in recent decades have changed the way we eat significantly.

Furthermore, year-round produce availability and hybridization that improves sugary content but reduces nutrient values have had an even more substantial impact on how humans nourish themselves.

In The Carnivore Cookbook, you'll uncover the truth about what your body was intended to consume and gain insight into why humans were created as primarily meat-eating creatures. Through this book, compelling evidence is presented that will forever change how you view nutrition.

Maria's book sheds light on why plants come with drawbacks. She reveals how antinutrients, which are chemicals and compounds that serve as a plant’s defense against being consumed, can rob your body of needed minerals and nutrients while causing autoimmune issues or a leaky gut.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, you will be better prepared to balance the pros and cons when it comes to choosing what foods best support your health!

Looking to heal autoimmune issues? Look no further than the Carnivore Autoimmune Protocol - a comprehensive system of carnivorous eating that can help you find your body's sweet spot and eliminate symptoms. With this protocol, you'll progress through different levels of meat eating until you achieve optimal health!

With Carnivore Cookbook, you will discover the most nutrient-dense foods to improve your overall body health. The book contains greater than 100 scrumptious recipes that are both creative and mouthwatering.

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