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The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook

80 One-Pot Recipes to Nourish Your Family Using Your Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, or Sheet Pan (The Plant Paradox, 5)

Nov 19, 2019 | 272 Pages
The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook

Hundreds of thousands have turned to Dr. Gundry's nutritional protocol since The Plant Paradox was published in 2017 and have seen immense changes within themselves.

However, most of Dr. Gundry's readers aren't cooking for themselves alone. "How can I bring this way of eating to my entire family? And is it safe for my children?" are the most frequently asked questions.

In The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook, Dr. Gundry assures parents as he sets the record straight, detailing children's nutritional requirements and how we may support our kids on the Plant Paradox plan—a diet rich in lectins—which is a low-lectin diet.

Dr. Gundry presents extensive research on how the Plant Paradox program is not only "safe" for children but also creates a foundation of good health and sensible eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Further research is uncovering that a healthy microbiome, or "gut," is essential for human health. The foods we eat early in life have a lasting effect on the makeup of our microbiome.

Foods containing lectins- grains, legumes, some fruits and vegetables, and dairy from conventional sources -can cause damage by developing holes in the gut wall. This kind of systemic inflammation that results can lead to disease.

Many of the meals we are frequently advised to feed our children, such as milk, whole grain bread, and peanut butter, have an exceptionally high lectin content.

The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook contains over 80 recipes, the majority of which can be made in an Instant Pot pressure cooker. These recipes are designed to make cooking for a family easier and more stress-free.

The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook will help you enjoy the benefits of The Plant Paradox program from weeknight dinners to make-ahead breakfasts, to snacks, and even school lunchbox-ready meals.

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