Posture Pumps

Posture Pumps

Posture pumps are small, easy-to-use devices that can improve your posture by providing gentle suction at the desired location. Both cervical and lumbar pumps are usually small enough to be carried around with you.

Cervical posture pumps are most commonly used by people with upper back problems such as neck pain. People suffering from neck injuries or those who spend long periods at a time looking down at a screen may find benefits from the use of the device.

Lumbar posture pumps are usually held in place by straps and can also provide benefits to people suffering back pain or discomfort, simply because strapping the pump to your lower back provides support for your spine.

The benefits of posture pumps include gentle massage and stimulation on areas of the back, which can provide benefits to blood circulation levels. This in turn results in benefits including reduced fatigue and faster recovery from exercise sessions or work-related activities.

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