Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator – Model 1100-S

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LAST UPDATED: 9 Mar 2021

The Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator - Model 1100-S is an excellent choice, for anyone seeking a posture pump that provides traction for the neck and back.

Employing breakthrough technology of Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) invented and patented by posture pump, the Model 1100-S allows the neck and back disc hydration to gently decompress, shape, and moisturize the discs in your neck and back. 

Laying down on the cushion base, the cushion gently molds to the shape of the forehead, with no chin or jaw contact.

You get to control the amount of air pressure you receive via the EED posture pump. 

When the air cell is left inflated for longer periods of time from around 15-20 minutes, postural restoration occurs. 

Enjoy every second of the corrective deep relief!

Key Features
  • Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) via posture pump
  • Single EED air cell
  • Portable
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight
  • Molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact)
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