Yes4All Slam Ball

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LAST UPDATED: 30 Mar 2021

The Yes4All Slam Ball is the perfect fitness accessory to kick your workout up several notches. 

The core is filled with sand to prevent any bouncing or rolling and maintains the firmness of the bounce after repeated high-impact slams.

Featuring a grooved and textured PVC shell to help you get a firm grip on the ball even with sweaty hands. The specially formulated resilient soft shell, molded for a seamless construction adds durability. 

Improve your muscle mass, increase your heart rate, torch more calories, enhance coordination, and absorb kinetic energy with zero bounce.

Ideal for the toughest of workouts, no matter what your fitness level. The Yes4All is available in 4 different colors, different sizes, and 3 different textured grip surfaces.

The Yes4All Slam Ball is engineered for intense repetitive throws. How many reps can you do before you max out!

Key Features
  • PVC shell for easy grip
  • High-density construction
  • Sand-filled core
  • No bounce
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Multiple weights: 10 - 40 pounds
  • Comes in 3 design options, with different textured grip surfaces
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