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The REP FITNESS V2 Slam Ball is meant to take the abuse of modern Cross Training workouts. This next-generation slam ball is much stronger with a 50% thicker shell and reinforced nozzle so you can slam it over and over again.

Build an explosive, full-body movement of slamming and picking up the ball quickly to develop serious functional and metabolic conditioning. 

The perfect exercise accessory for CrossFit and HIIT, where the slam ball is a staple of any workout.

The V2 Slam Ball comes in a full range of sizes, allowing you to select the size that fits your fitness level. Get a cardio workout with the lighter slam balls, and use heavier sizes for strength training.

Designed for serious training, the V2 Slam Ball is made of extra-grippy rubber shells filled with sand, so they have a super low bounce and are easy to pick up quickly. 

Backed by a 1-year warranty for home use and a 6-month warranty for commercial use, is exactly what you need to slam that ball and relieve your stress, and switch off completely. 

Key Features
  • 50% thicker shell
  • 9-inch diameter
  • Sand-filled center
  • Grippy rubber shell
  • Very low bounce
  • Reinforced air nozzle
  • Range of weights from 5 - 70 pounds

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