TRX Training Slam Ball

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The TRX Slam Ball, from TRX, the powerhouse in functional training will help you unleash your potential, engage your entire body in high-intensity, strength, and explosive moves.

The TRX Slam Ball features a rugged, textured surface that provides a better grip and helps you keep a secure handle on the ball during your workout.

Designed to service the toughest workouts, the TRX Slam Ball is constructed with a thick, ultra-durable rubber shell and sand inside, allowing it to absorb impact from every dead bounce. 

Sold individually and available in multiple weights from 6 pounds to 50 pounds weights, to suit various fitness levels you are at. 

The TRX Slam Ball is the ultimate fitness accessory for working out, working off unwanted stress, and feeling powerful and awesome. One ball, countless movements, endless possibilities!

Key Features
  • Textured surface for slip-resistant grip
  • Ultra-durable rubber shell
  • Zero bounce
  • Multiple weight options from 8 - 30 pounds
  • Sand filling
  • Color: black

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