Day 1 Fitness Slam Ball

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If you’re looking for lasting transformation look no further than the Day 1 Fitness Slam Ball, let it be your ally in every versatile move you do from an overhead slam to a sit-up or squat position.

Sporting a thick outer shell that absorbs multiple impacts, you can slam away to your heart's content. 

Perfect for any stage of fitness, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness devotee, the range of different weights available allows you to pick the right size for you.

The sturdy construction comprises a strong outer shell and a sand-filled core. The deadweight provides challenging resistance with no bounce and is durable and built to withstand high-impact slams. 

Start your complete body and lifestyle makeover with the Day 1 Fitness Slam Ball!

Key Features
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Multiple weights from 10 - 50 pounds
  • 10 - 25 pound balls have a 9-inch diameter
  • 30-50 pound balls have an 11-inch diameter
  • No bounce
  • An extra tough thick shell
  • Sand-filled core

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