BalanceForm Slam Ball

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LAST UPDATED: 30 Mar 2021

If you are looking for a quality slam ball on a modest budget, look no further than the BalanceForm Slam Ball

Boasting a rugged, textured surface promotes a secure and easy grip. Allowing you to engage in explosive moves, build your strength and torch calories and work off unwanted stress. 

The BalanceForm Slam Ball comes in a variety of different sizes, with the lightest slam ball weighing 6 pounds to 100 pounds for a seasoned pro.

It's super easy to distinguish different sizes, as they come in a unique color.

With an ultra-durable rubber shell that absorbs impact and offers zero bounce, once you slam the BalanceForm Slam Ball, you can bet your bottom dollar it's not going to bounce back.

It's time for you to start slamming now!

Key Features
  • Textured surface
  • Easy-grip
  • Different weights come in unique colors for easy recognition
  • Ultra-durable rubber shell
  • Zero bounce
  • Sand filling
  • Available in different sizes from 6 - 100 pounds
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