Moocoo Back Stretcher

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LAST UPDATED: 9 Jun 2021

It's easy and convenient to stretch and relieve back pain in the comfort of your humble abode with the Moocoo Back Stretcher

The ergonomic design safely supports your back, offers acupuncture effects through stimulation of specific acupoint, promoting circulation, and helping you to relax the tension in the lumbar and back after a long day.

When stretching and massaging the lower back, the upgraded silicone cushion can reduce the pressure and tension of the spine, and its massage points gently massage the spine, providing maximum relaxation. 

Sporting a multi-level adjustment design allows you to select the desired stretch intensity you seek. The higher the back stretcher, the more stretch you get. 

Designed to be used laying down or if you wish you can use it as lumbar support, just affix it using the chain strap.

What are you waiting for? Give your back the gift of the Moocoo Back Stretcher!

Key Features
  • 10 magnetic massage points
  • 96 acupoint massage points
  • Spine protection pad: silicone pad
  • Non-slip
  • Fixed strap
  • High toughness thickened ABS
  • 3 level adjustment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports weight limit: 440 pounds
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