Jumpow Back Stretcher

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Specially designed to improve posture and relieve back pressure and restore the natural curvature of the back comes the Jumpow Back Stretcher from Kniper.

Boasting 88 plastic nodes helps to relieve back pressure and stimulate the back and let the spine return to its natural lines, helping to stabilize the spinal column and improve flexibility in the back and shoulder muscles. 

The stretcher is designed to be adjustable in height, with a total of 3 adjustable levels, which allow you to tailor the stretch to suit your comfort. The higher the arch, the stronger the stretch will be. 

Made of sturdy ABS and environmentally friendly NBR materials, this back stretcher can support up to 330 pounds of maximum weight and the foam strip in the middle of the device provides welcomed cushioning.

Let the Jumpow Back Stretcher stretch your back and relieve stress today!

Key Features
  • 3 adjustment levels
  • 88 plastic acupressure spikes
  • The cushion is soft & comfortable
  • ABS & NBR materials
  • Max weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Foam strip

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