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The New ME Diet

Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest by Teta, Jade, Teta, Keoni (2010) Hardcover

Jun 15, 2024
The Metabolic Effect Diet

With the Metabolic Effect Diet, you can feast on your favorite foods and build muscle while slimming down with minimal exercise.

This revolutionary program is designed to help you experience amazing weight loss results - all without needing to spend hours in the gym! Now, rest time will be just as beneficial for shedding those extra pounds as working out.

Reclaim your metabolism and reclaim control of your health with the transformative diet and exercise program created by Doctors Jade and Keoni Teta!

This ingenious plan offers you a personalized approach to optimizing hormonal balance while transforming your body into an unstoppable fat-burning powerhouse. With this powerful combination, you can get back on track in no time – so don’t wait any longer to begin creating the healthier version of yourself that you deserve!

Make those hunger pangs a thing of the past with five or six meals per day and one reward meal each week, while also engaging in rest-based weight training exercises with just two light weights. You'll be amazed at how quickly your body burns fat when you practice these hybrid exercises three times a week for thirty minutes!

Forget about counting calories and start slimming down now! Over 10,000 people have experienced weight loss success with The Metabolic Effect Diet – you can be one of them today. Stop exhausting yourself over tedious diets that don't work; it's time to lose weight smarter, not harder.

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