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The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse

Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & a Guided Meal Plan

Profile picture of maria-emmerich Maria Emmerich (Author)
Dec 27, 2016 | 432 Pages
The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse

The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse is your blueprint for restoring holistic health and well-being.

Many people misapply the keto diet, but Maria Emmerich's cleanse is based on a true and healthy version of the Ketogenic Diet. With her help, readers can reset their metabolism, improving health outcomes such as weight loss and bolstering energy levels. It's time to take control of your well-being!

This book is filled with resources to help you reduce inflammation and prevent disease. It includes 30-day meal plans for both ketosis and Whole30, complete with corresponding shopping lists so that you can get started right away!

In addition, it also provides an array of delicious recipes which are easy to combine into nutritious meals while remaining compliant during your ketogenic journey.

Take control of your health with this guide! Easily access a list of foods that will help you on your journey to ketosis. Discover tips and advice for improving sleep, balancing hormones, boosting moods, and losing weight with the ketogenic diet. Unlock all these benefits by unlocking the power of this helpful guide now!

To ensure a lasting journey to success, this program offers invaluable guidance on how to remain in ketosis even after the 30-day detox is complete.

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