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Best Shoulder Brace

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

The best shoulder braces for professional athletes/sports enthusiasts and individuals doing sedentary jobs at a computer are the ones that support their most active muscles, which provide flexibility and durability. 

Athletes’ braces need to be able to cater to injuries like rotator cuff tears, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, AC (acromioclavicular) joint injuries, and AC separations.

They also help prevent strain on tendons and ligaments, which may have been weakened by shoulder injuries or overuse through strenuous activities. 

Information contained below outlines the best shoulder braces on the market, aiding your health and recovery journey.

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The Best Shoulder Braces

  • The Copper Compression Recovery Shoulder Brace has been specifically designed to provide support and compression to the shoulder.

    It's engineered to help ease pain associated with bursitis, arthritis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis, fractures, or sprains of the shoulder, or after surgery on the shoulder.

    Constructed using copper-infused polyester material, it naturally acts as a thermal regulator to reduce pain and inflammation. This reduces your recovery time allowing you to get back to all the things you love sooner.

    The Copper Compression Shoulder Brace is made with breathable mesh panels for extra comfort so it works great under clothes or on its own during physical activities.

    The adjustable straps allow for a custom fit for easy use and the flexible fabric allows you to maintain a wide range of mobility.

    Perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels, the Copper Compression provides targeted shoulder support and outstanding pain relief so you can stay active!

    Key Features
    • 85% copper-infused nylon
    • Compression & stability support
    • 4-way stretch construction
    • Moisture-wicking
    • Anti-odor
    • Universal design
    • Adjustable - Elastic hook & latch straps
    • Brand: Copper Compression
    • Model: Copper Compression Recovery Shoulder Brace
    • Specifications: 6 x 4 x 0.5 inches
    • Moisture-wicking materials that dry fast, keeping you cool & comfortable
    • Copper-Infused fibers keep you stink-free with anti-odor technology
    • Fits left or right shoulder
    • Strong and highly elastic hook and latch straps allow for a secure & adjustable fit
    • The flexible fabric allows you to maintain a wide range of mobility
    • Perfect for people of all ages & fitness levels
    • It may require assistance to put on
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  • The EVS Sports Shoulder Brace is designed to provide support to ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the shoulders during activity.

    It holds the arm in place while also providing relief to pain and muscle fatigue to aid your shoulder treatment.

    The universal design allows for right or left arm usage, while the hook and loop closure provides easy on/off application.

    Ideal for people suffering from joint and shoulder pain, tendon tear, and rotator cuff injuries, and more.

    The EVS Sports Shoulder Brace is an impressive non-operative treatment for your shoulder pain. Get healthcare on the go!

    Key Features
    • Available in 5 sizes: S-XXL
    • Neoprene material
    • Hook & loop closure
    • Compression
    • Universal design
    • Air mesh construction
    • TPR grip pull-tabs
    • Brand: EVS Sports
    • Model: EVS Sports Shoulder Brace
    • Specification: 17 x 14 x 4.5 inches
    • Great for people suffering from a joint & shoulder, tendon tear, bursitis & arthritis & rotator cuff
    • Adjustable arm closure design eliminates underarm chafing
    • Fits left & right shoulders
    • Breathable air mesh construction with TPR gripper pull-tabs
    • X-Strap Stabilizer System fits over the brace and helps to keep it in place on the shoulder
    • No pocket for an ice pack
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  • The Babo Care Shoulder Stability Brace is excellent for providing instantaneous relief and support for muscles and joints, and by reducing arm movement while stabilizing the shoulder joint.

    Babo is ideal for those who have been suffering from chronic pain as well as sports injuries, allowing relief during rehabilitation as well as providing support for sports that require arm movement, or when in a state of rest. 

    The Babo Care Shoulder Stability Brace provides instant relief to muscles and joints by compressing them and giving them the support they need.

    It’s adjustable to fit various sizes and the product itself is made out of neoprene material that can stretch to accommodate any size.

    The brace also comes in various colors and can be easily closed on its own with minimal effort.

    You can also use this brace on both arms if necessary and it offers relief to the neck.

    It's time for you to protect your body and preserve your range of motion!

    Key Features
    • Neoprene material
    • Neoprene material
    • Adjustable velcro straps
    • Plastic buckle design
    • Compression
    • Universal design
    • Brand: Babo Care
    • Model: Babo Care Shoulder Stability Brace
    • Specifications: 46 x 28 x 16.5 inches
    • Great for the recovery of tendon disruption & frozen shoulder
    • Ideal for providing compression
    • Suitable for recovery process for sufferers of inflammation, instability, arthritis & fractures
    • Adjustable, strong Velcro straps
    • High-quality adjustable plastic buckle design
    • Suitable for men & women
    • Provides effective double pressurization to strengthen the shoulder
    • Can be worn on either shoulder
    • It may be too big for petite women who have smaller upper arms
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  • The FIGHTECH Support and Injury Prevention Brace is a superb external shoulder support brace designed to provide medium-strong support to the shoulder joint.

    It can be used for a variety of injuries, including shoulder dislocation, shoulder instability, AC joint separation, biceps tendon or labrum tear, and other similar conditions that require physician attention.

    Fashioned with neoprene materials that keep the arm warm while still allowing for breathability. 

    The adjustable strap provides customizable stability, greater comfort, and a better fit than most other brace options without limiting support. 

    It's also an affordable option for those who want shoulder support without the high cost.

    Let FIGHTECH Support and Injury Prevention Brace stabilize your shoulder injuries and put subtle pressure in the right spot, so you can lift your arm with ease!

    Key Features
    • Hook & loop adjustable straps
    • Machine washable
    • Neoprene material
    • Available in 2 sizes: S/M, X/XL
    • Left or right arm
    • Medium-strong shoulder support
    • Adjustable ice pack pocket
    • Complimentary video & E-book
    • Brand: FIGHTECH
    • Model: FIGHTECH Support and Injury Prevention Brace
    • Specifications: 72 x 72 x 12 inches
    • Provides effective compression & support
    • Comfortable, stretchy & adjustable
    • Breathable neoprene with moisture control technology to keep you cool
    • Universal design
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Suitable for men & women
    • Washable
    • Comes with a pocket for hot or cold packs (not included)
    • Complimentary video contains shoulder stabilization exercises
    • The S/M size may still be too big for some users
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  • The Vive Shoulder Brace provides supreme support to the upper body and stabilizes the shoulder.

    It helps with common issues like tendinitis, frozen shoulder, bursitis, sprain/strain injuries, or arthritis that affect the joints of the shoulder girdle.

    The brace is very lightweight yet durable, allowing it to be worn throughout the day for continuous support.

    The Velcro straps can be adjusted to each body type and preference by adjusting the hook-and-loop closures, while the neoprene material is very stretchy, allowing a snug fit.

    The foam padding works to absorb impact evenly across the upper arm without causing discomfort or pain.

    The brace can be worn during physical activity or rest, so it's perfect for the active individual who wants to do everything with it and needs quality shoulder immobilizers. 

    It’s easy to wash by hand or with a washing machine and is ideal for both males and females 

    Let the Vive Shoulder Brace support your shoulder blade and torn tendons without slowing you down! 

    Key Features
    • Available in 3 colors
    • Neoprene material
    • Customizable compression
    • Strong support
    • Adjustable fastening system
    • Reversible design for both shoulders
    • Unisex
    • Brand: Vive
    • Model: Vive Shoulder Brace
    • Specifications: 13.23 x 9.45 x 1.5 inches
    • Provides strong support, allowing quick recovery & preventing injury
    • For relieving pain and stiffness in the shoulder
    • Adjustable fastening system for tailored & personalized feel
    • Lightweight, breathable material
    • Easy to clean
    • Budget-friendly
    • 60-day guarantee
    • For petite women, this may be too bulky
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  • Improve your health condition with the impressive NatraCure Hot/Cold and Compression Shoulder Support.

    For a comfortable application, this brace features a lighter-weight design that is breathable for airflow circulation.

    Ideal for use before the activity to help with flexibility when you are not experiencing pain.

    For a convenient application, this brace comes with two removable stiffeners that can be safely placed through the pockets on both sides of the brace to achieve cold or hot therapy.

    The firm compression helps to minimize inflammation and circulation of blood in the tendons, tissues, ligaments, and muscles. You can use this brace for either your right or left shoulder.

    To apply heat therapy, simply microwave the two heat packs for 20-30 seconds before inserting them into the pockets on both sides of the brace.

    To apply cold therapy, merely place the ice packs into the freezer for at least 45 minutes and insert them into the pockets on both sides of the brace.

    It’s like having your personal healthcare professional providing 3 therapies in 1 shoulder brace at a competitive price!

    Key Features
    • Shoulder brace
    • 3 therapies: Hot & Cold & Compression therapy
    • Universal design
    • 1 detachable compression air pump
    • 1 removable hot/cold gel pack
    • Soft positioning strap
    • Fits chests up to 50 inches
    • Brand: NatraCure
    • Model: NatraCure Hot/Cold and Compression Shoulder Support
    • Specifications: 15.1 x 9.6 x 2.7 inches
    • 3 therapies in 1 shoulder brace
    • Cold therapy - helps reduce pain, swelling & inflammation
    • Heat therapy - ideal for later recovery to help reduce stiffness, improve mobility, relax muscles & increase circulation
    • Compression therapy helps provide support, reduce blood flow & reduce swelling
    • Competitively priced
    • Soft positioning strap for a customized fit
    • Reusable gel pack for heat or cold therapy
    • Maybe a challenge to put on alone
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  • The Zenkeyz Shoulder Brace is an innovative, versatile brace that can be used to treat a variety of shoulder conditions, with hot or cold therapy or compression.

    Effective in controlling pain caused by injuries like rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, labrum tears, biceps tendon, muscle strains, arthritis, frozen shoulder, and post-workout pain.

    The Zenkeyz Shoulder Brace is made from a comfortable material that provides compression and support, with a pocket for hot or cold therapy pads.

    The double velcro hook-and-loop strap system makes it easy to put on and take off, while the shoulder brace can be conveniently adjusted to fit around the arm for optimal pressure.

    For added convenience, the strap is padded around the arm for additional support without being too tight or causing discomfort.

    Its lightweight construction makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and the compression provided is not too tight.

    Available in a variety of sizes, the Zenkeyz Shoulder Brace can be worn on either arm.

    Let your arm get the physician treatment with the Zenkeyz Shoulder Brace!

    Key Features
    • Compression, cold & hot therapy
    • Pocket for hot/cold pads (not included)
    • Pressure pad
    • Universal design
    • Available in 5 sizes: XS-XL
    • Neoprene gel & lycra
    • Adjustable
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Medium-strong support
    • E-book with exercises
    • Brand: Zenkeyz
    • Model: Zenkeyz Shoulder Brace
    • Specifications: 10.39 x 8.19 x 1.69 inches
    • Easy to wear, even with limited mobility & supports shoulder joint
    • Effective in enabling active recovery
    • Ebook with exercises for home rehabilitation and injury prevention
    • Lightweight, adjustable shoulder brace
    • Work great with Zenkeyz reusable gel pack (sold separately)
    • The straps may be bulky for some women
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  • The Sparthos Shoulder Brace provides outstanding support for the shoulder region to give you optimal comfort and pain relief at an affordable price.

    In addition to providing great support, the brace also keeps your shoulders in a comfortable position and keeps them from moving out of their natural alignment.

    The brace is extremely lightweight and breathable neoprene which helps ensure that you don't feel like you're wearing anything at all.

    Sparthos can be used by both men and women who suffer from problems such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, painful disorders, fractures, or simply as a preventive measure to protect your shoulder when participating in sports or other physical activities.

    Easily adjust with hook and loop fastening for a snug fit for your body. It provides the perfect shoulder support while preserving your range of motion.

    Sparthos includes an ice pack pocket for cold therapy.

    Keep up with the pace of life and enjoy the freedom of movement with Sparthos Shoulder Brace!

    Key Features
    • Pressure pad
    • Adjustable
    • Reversible design
    • One size fits all
    • Hook & loop fastener system
    • Neoprene material
    • Ice pack pocket
    • Brand: Sparthos
    • Model: Sparthos Should Brace
    • Specifications: 12.68 x 9.21 x 2.01 inches
    • Economical
    • Durable, for all-day wear
    • Engineered to stabilize and support your shoulder
    • Maintains range of motion
    • Adjustable chest & arm straps to snugly fit your body size & shape
    • Special pressure pad for increased shoulder support & compression
    • Can insert an ice pack for faster & more effective pain relief
    • Can be used on both shoulders
    • For some users, the bicep straps pinch the armpit
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  • The McDavid Shoulder Support Brace is a comfortable and lightweight support brace designed specifically for painful and weak shoulders.

    Made of soft neoprene to provide warmth and compression on the shoulder muscles, it increases blood flow, as well as reduces pain associated with rotator cuff injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, impingement, shoulder instability, and frozen shoulder. 

    Assembled with a simple design that allows full mobility of the arm, while promoting healing. 

    With adjustable hook and loop closures and a universal design fitting the right or left shoulder, you prevent further shoulder injury and give your shoulder much-needed rest and TLC!

    Key Features
    • Available in 3 sizes: S-L
    • Neoprene material
    • Thermal/compression therapy
    • Fits right or left shoulder
    • Adjustable hook & loop closure straps
    • Brand: McDavid
    • Model: McDavid Shoulder Support Brace
    • Specifications: 7.87 x 5.51 x 1.97 inches
    • Engineered to support the shoulder while returning to activity
    • Breathable, lightweight design for extended wear
    • Universal design
    • Suitable for men & women
    • Hook & loop closure straps are adjustable to fit your size
    • The latex-free micro-cell structure provides superior stretch
    • Sizes run smaller
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  • The Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace is a sterling option for a shoulder brace that will provide relief from pain and discomfort while allowing you to remain active.

    Made with a cotton-polyester blend, this upper arm support also has a lightweight design.

    A neoprene pad provides heat and compression, while a knitted outer material allows for free movement.

    The splint is easy to don and take off with one velcro strap, and the hook-and-loop closure makes it adjustable for a customized fit.

    With an extra buckle for one handgrip, it can act as a convenient strap so users can put it on easily with only one hand.

    It has 3 layers of technology which include a soft cushion vest for protecting your arms, a high compression pad to help stabilize the shoulder joint, and an outer compression strap to secure the brace.

    Get great support with Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace and start your healing today!

    Key Features
    • Extra buckle for one-hand grip
    • Provides compression & support
    • 3 layers of technology
    • Ultra-strong velcro
    • Stretchable/detachable strap
    • Medical grade Neoprene
    • Universal design
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Adjustable
    • Brand: Zeegler Orthosis
    • Model: Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace
    • Specifications: 8.27 x 6.69 x 2.36 inches
    • 3 layers of technology
    • Soft & anti-bacterial material
    • Fits both right & left shoulder
    • Comes with E-book for pain relief exercises & remedies for shoulder pain
    • Adjustable
    • Ideal shoulder brace for all ages
    • Effective in shoulder pain prevention
    • Some users may find the buckle that holds the strap around the arm is uncomfortable
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Shoulder Braces Buying Guide

So you've had shoulder pain and the doctor said it's a rotator cuff injury or tear? Or maybe your shoulder is simply arthritic, swollen with tendinitis, bursitis, has frozen up entirely, or was dislocated. 

If you're looking for rotator cuff braces or shoulder immobilizers, there are many great options on the market today. 

Depending on what you search for, there are a few different types of braces to consider. 

We’ve compiled a guide, covering several factors for you to consider before you take the plunge to buy the best shoulder brace treatment for your needs.

Shoulder Pain and Injuries

If you experience pain in the shoulder region, a great healthcare treatment is to use a shoulder brace.

There are many different types of shoulder braces, and each works differently.

Shoulder braces are often used to treat rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, AC separations, bicipital tendonitis, labral tears, and shoulder instability. 

The simplest way to get relief from shoulder pain is by wearing shoulder supports. It can reduce inflammation, relax muscles, improve range of motion, and relieve pressure on shoulder injuries. 

Benefits of Shoulder Braces and Supports

For people who suffer from long-term pain or have undergone surgery, shoulder braces can help deal with the condition. 

Shoulder braces can be worn during physical activity or work can help with pain and reduce joint damage in the long term. 

Shoulder braces support and can restrict movement to allow the muscles and ligaments to heal. 

It is important for people who suffer from a damaged rotator cuff to wear a shoulder brace when they are using their arm as this will cause further injury.

Always ensure you consult a healthcare professional to discuss your specific needs.

Features of Best Shoulder Braces and Supports

Types of Shoulder Braces and Supports

  • Support - Shoulder braces are a medical device that provides greater support and stability for shoulder injuries than a shoulder sling. Shoulder stabilizers can also help to prevent future injuries and can provide relief for chronic pain. 
  • Mobility - Another great pain prevention is to use wraps. Although not as comfortable as a brace, they are more robust than a shoulder sling.  
  • Combat Ruptures - Shoulder braces are the best prevention against ruptures because they distribute some of the force across your shoulders, minimizing the risk of rupture (although not completely eliminate it). 
  • Compression - Braces that provide compression can be used during physical therapy and to help protect the shoulder while it is healing, allowing the muscles and bones to recover.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury or Tear - If you tear your rotator cuff, you might need surgery as a last resort if it is severe enough. Shoulder braces will help keep your shoulders supported during recovery, preventing further damage. 


It’s important to know the exact type of material used for shoulder braces so you can search for the right one for your ailment.  

  • Elastic or neoprene - A lightweight, breathable material that doesn't limit movement; most commonly used in underarm braces (for weightlifting and physical activities).
  • Cotton/Polyester - A heavy, durable material that can rub against the skin if not fitted correctly; good for everyday shoulder braces that will be worn for long periods of time. Also, an option if you want a thermal or nonthermal brace.

Level of Support

Levels of support vary depending on the severity of your injury.

  • Lightweight, flexible support - Provides freedom of movement while still maintaining some level of support.
  • Medium level of support - This type of brace is good after the first week of injury because it provides enough support without limiting your range of motion.
  • Heavy/Stable level of support - If you are looking for maximum support, this will be the type of brace that you need. It immobilizes your shoulder to gently stretch it.

Hot or Cold Therapy

After an injury or if you are suffering from pain in your shoulder(s), hot or cold therapy can be very helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.

Cold packs cause the blood vessels to constrict which reduces swelling and bleeding. However, heat packs cause the blood vessels to dilate so that they become larger than normal, allowing more blood to flow through them. 

Both of these types of therapy help with pain management, but are used at different times so that there isn't any impact on your injury. 

Some braces come with pockets where you can put packs in so that it provides cold or hot therapy throughout the day. Others provide elastic wraps with Velcro straps that allow you to put in gel packs.

Note, ice packs are not recommended for use over an extended period of time as they can reduce the temperature of the skin which can damage it. 

Using hot packs is more efficient for treating injuries because they increase circulation, help with pain management, and induce relaxation.


Shoulder braces are made in many different sizes and should be chosen based on measurements of your arm length, the circumference of your wrist, and chest circumference. Alternatively, opt for a shoulder brace that is adjustable.


A simple neoprene strap is easily available for less than $10. If you are looking for a good quality shoulder brace at a mid-range price will set you back at around $40.

You should consider braces to be long-term investments in your health since they can decrease shoulder pain while allowing you to do the activities that are most important to you.

Shoulder Braces FAQ

Do shoulder braces help rotator cuff?

Shoulder braces are designed to help prevent injuries and help repair the damage that has already occurred to the shoulder. 

They also serve to stabilize the joint for people who have injured their rotator cuff or damaged the ligaments in their shoulder.

A rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that can tear or become strained from sports or other activities that involve repetitive overhead motion. 

In order to prevent this, the surrounding tendons and tissues need to be strengthened through rehabilitation exercises. 

Shoulder braces fall under one of two categories: immobilizers (non-movable) and stabilizers (movable). 

Stabilizers are designed to provide support for the shoulder, but also allow some range of motion. Immobilizers prevent all movement of the shoulder.

Stabilizers are prescribed for those who have injured their rotator cuff or damaged the ligaments around their shoulder, or for those who are trying to protect a damaged area of their shoulder. 

When should you wear a shoulder support brace?

Although shoulder supports are designed with the athlete/sports enthusiast in mind, they are also beneficial for others who work at office jobs because of how much time they spend on the computer.

Ideally, you should consider wearing shoulder braces during activities requiring some degree of movement, they should fit your shoulders snugly, but not be too tight.

Shoulder brace for dislocation?

Shoulder dislocation is an injury to the ball and socket joint of the shoulder in which the head of the humerus has become displaced from its normal position. 

It's important that when a person sustains this injury, they seek immediate medical advice in order to reduce both pain and damage.

A shoulder brace is used to limit movement in patients who have sustained a shoulder injury. 

Depending on the pain, some doctors may recommend a shoulder sling rather than a brace for shoulder dislocation as it provides minimal support.

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