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Best Tennis Elbow Brace

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Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis, it is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender.

Often the pain can extend into the back of the forearm and can weaken grip strength.

Tennis elbow can occur as a result of overuse during work or a range of sports. Many people use orthotic devices on the arm to improve their function or reduce pain.

Sufferers of a tennis elbow can turn to prescribed medication, physiotherapy, and wearing a good quality tennis elbow brace.

Choosing the right tennis elbow brace will enable you to pursue your daily activities whilst providing the right support and minimizing pain. 

We’ve compiled the top tennis elbow braces on the market, to help athletes and non-athletes with hand and elbow conditions.

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The Best Tennis Elbow Braces

  • Get some relief for your tennis elbow pain with an impressive brace/forearm band with the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

    It contains two elbow braces, a wristband, and an E-book, offering amazing value at this modest price point.

    The E-book provides invaluable guidance on how to address tennis elbow pain, including online resources and exercises available.

    Ideal for people suffering from tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, computer or mouse elbow, rower's elbow, fishing elbow, or pool/billiard elbow. 

    The brace has a compression gel-like pad that works more effectively than air pads. One size fits most and it can be used interchangeably on the right or left forearm.

    Made with neoprene and nylon, it's suitable for men and women thanks to the adjustable strap with a hook and loop closure. 

    Let the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace provide support and relief to repetitive stress motion injuries like lateral epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. 

    Key Features
    • One size
    • A mix of nylon & neoprene
    • Elbow brace & bonus wristband & E-book
    • Compression gel-like pad
    • Can be used on the right or left forearm
    • Adjustable strap
    • Hook & loop strap
    • Brand: Simien
    • Model: Simien Tennis Elbow Brace
    • Specifications: 7.87 x 3.94 x 0.98 inches
    • You get 2 braces. 1 elbow brace, a bonus wristband & E-book
    • Adjustable size
    • Great for any repetitive motions that cause lateral epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis pain
    • Ideal for sufferers of tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, computer or mouse elbow, rowers elbow or pool/billiard elbow
    • It can also be used for activities that could result in hyperextension
    • Suitable for use on the right or left forearm
    • Latex-free
    • Some people find the brace stretches, so over time it might not fit as snugly as it once did
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  • The PowerLix Elbow Brace has arm pads that enable you to tackle just about any activity that life throws your way while ensuring you're a step ahead in injury prevention. 

    The elbow brace is a perfect fit for any activity involving a great amount of stress on the joints while maintaining your peak performance and a full range of motion in the arm. 

    The PowerLix Elbow Brace is designed to provide superior support, comfort, and relief without compromising mobility.

    Tight, form-fitting and breathable compression fabric maintain joint stability regardless of activity. 

    The breathtaking special knitted design ensures the elbow brace stays put.

    Backed with a 100% money-back guarantee and a generous 6-month warranty, means you get 360 degrees support!

    Key Features
    • 4-way compression sleeve
    • High-performance breathable fabric
    • Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL
    • Beige color
    • Special knitted technical design
    • Sweatproof design
    • Brand: PowerLix
    • Model: PowerLix Elbow Brace
    • Specifications: 9.06 x 6.69 x 0.79 inches
    • 360 degrees protection
    • Applies stable pressure across the elbow joint, providing pain relief from various ailments
    • Ideal for tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, weightlifting, volleyball & more
    • Tight, form-fitting
    • Breathable compression fabric
    • Suitable for improving blood circulation & easing pain
    • 100% money-back guarantee
    • 6-month warranty
    • The sleeve may lose elasticity over time
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  • Targeted compression and heat retention are what you get with the impressive Venom Elbow Sleeve.

    Designed for rehabilitation of joint inflammation, elbow tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, arthritis, and general elbow pain. 

    The compressive sleeve helps to increase blood flow, reduce muscle swelling and alleviate pain and discomfort. 

    The comfortable lightweight design helps to reduce pain and the sleeve eliminates any bunching and irritation so your movement will be unrestricted during physical and everyday activities.

    It's the perfect solution for tennis, golf, volleyball, football, basketball, softball, baseball, CrossFit, weightlifting, and many more athletic activities. 

    Sporting a high-quality fabric ensures the Venom Elbow Sleeve can withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage by retaining its elasticity and support.

    Available in 5 sizes ranging from Small to XXL, ensures you find the right size to offer you a secured fit, offering you the comfort you expect from the Venom Elbow Sleeve!

    Key Features
    • Available in 5 sizes - S-XL
    • Nylon
    • Lightweight
    • Anti-slip design
    • Provides compression & retains heat
    • Bonus PDF guide giving recovery exercises for tennis elbow
    • Brand: Venom Sports
    • Model: Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve
    • Specifications: 7.24 x 4.02 x 0.98 inches
    • Designed for rehabilitation of joint inflammation, elbow tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, arthritis & general elbow pain
    • Ideal to help increase blood flow circulation, reduce muscle swelling & alleviate pain & discomfort
    • Highly elastic & durable
    • Provides quick relief & increased performance with an unrestricted range of motion
    • Ideal for men & women
    • Can be used on the right or left elbow
    • It may be uncomfortable for warm weather
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  • If your work requires your elbow to be active or it involves repetitive motion of your wrist and arm, you'll get the right pain relief and support with the SENTEQ Tennis Elbow Brace, whilst still maintaining your range of motion. 

    It relieves tendonitis in the forearms, stimulating blood flow and improving circulation to calm inflammation as well as aches and pains.

    The dual-layer design, with an inner gel pad and wide adjustable strap, provides target compression that helps the forearm recover from injuries and fatigue while protecting vulnerable tendons from the strain.

    The inner gel pad provides target compression which relieves pain and aids in injury and recovery.

    The SENTEQ Tennis Elbow Brace is a medical-grade device made with high-quality materials, making it durable and is hand washable.

    Use the SENTEQ Tennis Elbow Brace to relieve pain and stay active!

    Key Features
    • Dual-layer compression
    • Wide velcro adjustable strap
    • Breathable fabric
    • Elastic neoprene band holds the gel pad & provides inner compression
    • Inner gel pad for pain relief
    • Material: neoprene
    • Closure type: Hook & loop
    • Hand wash only
    • Brand: SENTEQ
    • Model: SENTEQ Tennis Elbow Brace
    • Specifications: 3 x 2 x 1 inches
    • Great for tendonitis & forearm pain relief & tennis & golfer's elbow
    • Adjustable velcro strap reinforcement compression keeps the brace in place
    • Ideal for racquetball, ping pong, gardening & weightlifting
    • Offers comfort support with a dual-layer with soft inner wrap & sturdy velcro strap
    • Pain relief with the inner gel pad provides target compression for tennis elbow & tendonitis
    • Hand washable
    • Latex-free
    • Great price
    • The strap may be too wide for women with slender arms
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  • Get precise pain relief with the application of a medical-grade EVA pad for stressed extensor tendons at the elbow with the Bracoo Tennis-Golfer Elbow Strap.

    Ergonomically shaped to maximize vibration damping and shock absorption typically associated with repetitive impact activities, common to racquet sports and certain high-risk occupations such as auto-mechanics, carpenters, chefs, and professional musicians.

    The superior grip-strap fastens for improved durability and ensures the counterforce brace does not slip during use.

    The lightweight design is easy to wear, allows full range of motion, and won't cause uncomfortable perspiration.

    One size fits all and can be worn interchangeably on either the left or the right arm. 

    With the Bracoo Tennis-Golfer Elbow Strap, you get a smart design, precise relief, and firm and effective support!

    Key Features
    • One size
    • Material: 35% Nylon, 25% Spandex, 25% Cotton, 15% EVA
    • Hand wash in cool water
    • Firm support
    • Vibration dampening EVA pad
    • Lightweight brace
    • Medical grade pressure distribution pad
    • High-grip hook & loop fastener
    • Brand: Bracoo
    • Model: Bracoo Tennis-Golfer Elbow Strap
    • Suitable for people who have tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, strains & sprains beneath the elbow & tendonitis
    • Ideal for stabilizing muscles & reducing impact stress/vibration
    • Features a medical grade pressure distribution pad to provide precise support without adversely affecting athletic performance
    • Adjustable size
    • Economical
    • Fits underneath clothing
    • Some users may find the thinner design does not provide adequate compression
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  • Designed to better support physical activity while minimizing pain, tension, and pressure for long-term elbow health, the AVIDDA Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad offers professional elbow protection at an affordable price. 

    Boasting a thick supportive EVA compression pad that helps relieve muscle tension and joint stress in the forearm muscles, enhances stability, and eliminates pain during exercise.

    Designed to be used for a wide range of sports for people who suffer from tendonitis or who want to keep their arms shielded against injuries.

    Ideal for tennis players, golfers, volleyball, basketball players, and drivers. 

    Constructed from high-quality breathable, skin-friendly fabric for maximum comfort.

    With the solid and reliable double-layer velcro strap and durable double-line stitching, the elbow strap won't wear out easily. 

    Featuring two fully adjustable hook and loop straps, the size and tightness can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

    Let the AVIDDA Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad help you do your daily activities without pain!

    Key Features
    • 2-count (pack of 1)
    • Highly-elastic EVA compression pad
    • Double-buckle design
    • Adjustable size
    • Double-layer velcro straps & double line stitching
    • 2-inch elbow pad
    • Neoprene, polyester & EVA
    • Closure type: hook & loop
    • Brand: AVIDDA
    • Model: Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad
    • Specifications: 0.04 x 0.04 x 0.04 inches
    • Great for playing golf, tennis, weightlifting & basketball
    • Fit for pain on the elbow & forearm
    • Breathable & skin-friendly fabric for maximum comfort
    • Ideal for tendonitis pain relief & long-term elbow health
    • Supports physical activity while minimizing pain, tension & pressure
    • Can wear on the right or left arm
    • Suitable for men & women
    • Hand washable
    • Not suitable for users looking to wear it during swimming
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  • Tell your tennis elbow to take a hike with the help of the ACE Custom Dial Elbow Strap.  

    Designed with an innovative dial, the forearm strap lets you find your level of support with a simple turning motion. 

    A gel-cushioned pad applies pressure and the convenient hook and loop strap lets you customize your fit.

    Targeted pressure is applied on the affected elbow tendon without increasing pressure around your entire arm.

    Adjustable pressure can be easily increased or decreased without having to adjust the whole strap.

    Smooth edges feel soft against your skin and it's discreet enough to fit under your clothing.

    When you're benched from an injury, there's nothing you want more than to start feeling like yourself again, so reach for the ACE Custom Dial Elbow Strap and hit the court!

    Key Features
    • Hook & loop strap
    • A dial enables pressure to be increased/decreased
    • Smooth edges
    • Soothing gel pad delivers targeted pressure
    • Adjustable pressure via dial
    • One size fits most - fit range: 7 to 14-inches
    • Hand washable
    • Brand: ACE
    • Model: ACE Custom Dial Elbow Strap
    • Specifications: 2.25 x 3.75 x 5.25 inches
    • Applies firm, targeted pressure on your affected elbow tendon without increasing pressure around your entire arm
    • Great for injuries like tennis or golfers elbow, basketball, baseball & volleyball
    • Fits discreetly under clothing
    • Hand washable
    • Adjustable pressure
    • Competitive price
    • Over time the velcro closures may lose elasticity
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  • Two tennis elbow straps and one elbow compression sleeve are what you get with the Abyon Elbow Compression Arm Support for a budget-friendly price. 

    The elbow compression sleeve is made from a breathable and sweat-absorbing elastic blend and is designed to increase blood circulation, improve oxygen delivery, and enable faster recovery for elbow pain. 

    The elbow sleeve is designed for comfort and the full range graduated compression provides equal pressure around the entire elbow and bicep.

    The 3D design makes it comfortable on the skin and the non-slip construction prevents it from rolling or sliding down. 

    The two tennis elbow straps which wrap around the forearm, just below it, help alleviate pain and keep inflammation at a minimum.

    The inner section has a medical-grade stretchy EVA neoprene pad that provides premium compression. The velcro is made of skin-friendly nylon.

    These excellent and durable materials absorb more air and make your elbow feel free, comfortable, and breathable without restricting movement. 

    Whether it's sports pain caused by football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, or volleyball, or a simple day-to-day stress pain causing the issue, Abyon Elbow Compression Arm Support will help aid your recovery!

    Key Features
    • 2 tennis elbow braces
    • 1 elbow compression sleeve
    • Available in 4 sizes: S-XL
    • Velcro made of Nylon
    • Closure type: hook & loop
    • EVA compression pad
    • Sewn with double strings
    • Adjustable tightness
    • Breathable fabric
    • Non-slip design
    • Brand: Abyon
    • Model: Abyon Elbow Compression Arm Support
    • Specifications: 6.9 x 4.7 x 1.8 inches
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • Provides elbow support, overall compression without restraining your movement & improving blood circulation
    • Reduces swelling & alleviates pain & speeds up recovery after intense physical activity
    • The breathable fabric absorbs sweat & keeps your wrist dry
    • Provides equal pressure around the entire elbow & bicep for necessary warmth & muscular recovery
    • Great value for money - compression sleeve & 2 tennis elbow braces
    • Some people may find it difficult to select the right size that gives them firm or lighter compression
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  • Medically designed to aid in the relief of carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow pain comes the Pro Band Sports BandIT Therapeutic Arm Band

    The BandIT utilizes anatomically focused dynamic compression to turn the natural action of the forearm into a natural pump. 

    It enables normal blood flow circulation, is easy to use, and is highly effective in relieving pain for tennis, golf, weightlifting, bowling, racquetball, and activities such as the use of keyboards, which result in repetitive strain injuries. 

    One size fits all with an adjustable velcro strap stimulating the body's natural healing process by increasing blood flow and oxygen, reducing inflammation and muscle spasm, and by producing a subtle warmth at the painful site.

    Let the Pro Band Sports BandIT Therapeutic Arm Band offer you a welcomed athletic recovery for the forearm!

    Key Features
    • 1 armband
    • One size fits all
    • Hook and loop strap around two padded compressors
    • Velcro strap
    • Adjustable
    • Focused dynamic compression
    • Hand washable
    • Brand: Pro Band Sports
    • Model: Pro Band Sports Bandit Therapeutic Arm Band
    • Great athletic therapy device for forearm use
    • Designed to aid in relief & prevention of pain associated with tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries & cumulative disorders
    • Ideal for sports, work & home use
    • Provides pain relief without causing uncomfortable swelling
    • Provides compression & support
    • Pricey
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  • Experience exceptional elbow support for maximum performance and maintain the elbow's full range of motion without holding back with the Bodyprox Elbow Brace with Strap

    Oozing premium quality this is an excellent elbow sleeve that has combined features of polyester, spandex, and nylon, to provide elasticity, an adjustable strap for the desired compression with moisture-wicking properties making this lightweight and breathable.

    The superior design provides welcome protection and relieves pain so that you don't have to hold back from your usual activities.

    Carefully designed with a highly elastic bandage enables you to freely move your arm, without slippage or rolling down. 

    Overcome pain with soothing pressure without risking mobility with the Bodyprox Elbow Brace with Strap!

    Key Features
    • One pair of elbow sleeves with strap
    • Non-slip system band
    • Provides both compression & support
    • Superior design provides targeted support
    • Combined: Polyester, spandex & nylon
    • Elastic adjustable strap
    • Moisture-wicking
    • Hook & loop closure
    • Brand: Bodyprox
    • Model: Bodyprox Elbow Brace with Strap
    • Specifications: 10.83 x 7.8 x 1.57 inches
    • Breathable, anti-odor & moisture-wicking
    • Available in 4 sizes from S-XL
    • Convenient & easy use
    • Comfortable fit
    • Good sweat absorption capacity
    • Anti-slip
    • Adjustable fit & compression
    • Unconstrained performance
    • Ideal for people engaged in physically demanding work, seeking added support for sports like tennis, golf & volleyball
    • Suitable for fitness enthusiasts & weightlifting
    • It may not be for users seeking padding, it only has compression material
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Tennis Elbow Braces Buying Guide

Tennis elbow can occur as a result of overuse during work or a range of sports. Many people use orthotic devices to use on the arm to improve their function or reduce pain. 

Devices that reduce pain are available in a variety of forms. Some focus more on reducing pain, while others focus more on keeping your elbows range of motion intact. 

We’ve compiled a helpful buying guide, outlining the key features you may need to screen for when buying a tennis elbow brace. 

Brace Type

The brace type you select will be determined by what kind of chronic pain you have, how expensive it is, and the kind of support and pain relief it provides.

Below are the types of elbow braces and how they help to provide support and alleviate pain.

Tennis Elbow Strap

The primary function is to exert pressure on the tendon or muscle that attaches to the lateral epicondyle.

It is smaller than other types of elbow braces, providing coverage for a smaller area of the arm.

It's light, provides flexibility, and enables a healthy range of motion. The tennis elbow strap is ideal for use if you have mild discomfort from the tennis elbow. 

Typically it should be positioned below the painful region of the elbow, not directly on the painful spot. 

Tennis Elbow Protection Pad

Designed to assuage pains from different kinds of inflammation or tendonitis.

Generally, it has foam padding making them bulkier, and it helps to protect against injury whilst playing sports. 

A tennis elbow protection pad is an ideal device to prevent injury or to protect a sensitive area.

Compression Sleeve

The sleeve is designed with compression fabric to help enhance blood and oxygen circulation in the forearm, bicep, and elbow by putting pressure on the painful area and giving warmth to sore joints.

A compression sleeve dual functions to prevent tennis elbow and treat chronic pain emanating from inflammation or tendonitis. The sleeve covers the forearm and elbows joint.

It offers a full range of motion while reducing tennis elbow pain and soreness, making it an ideal device to wear if you are doing high octane sports such as basketball, tennis, golf, etc. 

A compression sleeve is typically pricier than other types of tennis elbow pads or straps.


Opt for a tennis elbow brace that is made from breathable fabric, to avoid sweat and itchiness. 

You want something that is skin-friendly and yet stays put and does not slide down when you are engaging in work or playing sports.

Tennis elbow braces can be made from a few different types of materials. 


Neoprene offers breathability and absorbs moisture, along with providing stretching. This makes it ideal to provide durability.

Nylon and Spandex

Many tennis elbow braces comprise a nylon and spandex blend. This combination of materials offers a lightweight brace that regulates temperature.

Both nylon and spandex have moisture-wicking fibers, so you stay dry in heat or when you are sweating.

Nylon Mesh

Nylon mesh is excellent for regulating temperature while staying flexible around the elbow joint, ensuring continuous airflow.


Some tennis elbow braces have a silicone lining that prevents slippage when playing sports.

Silicone lining gently clenches to the skin, ensuring the elbow brace stays snugly in place.


Ideally opt for a tennis elbow brace that offers a few different sizes so that you can select the correct fit using a sizing chart where possible.

There is nothing worse than having an elbow brace that is either too loose and does not provide any support or compression and slips or too tight and is uncomfortable to wear. 


At the lower end of the spectrum a tennis elbow costs around $15 and at the premium end it can be north of $50.

If you are looking for an elbow brace that allows the pressure to be adjusted, expect to pay closer to $50 and above. 

If your budget permits, select a tennis elbow brace that offers four-way stretch nylon and has stabilization technology.

Tennis Elbow Braces FAQ

How do I use a tennis elbow brace?

It’s important to choose the correct size tennis elbow brace, that's not too tight and uncomfortable to wear and not too loose so that you get the right support and compression if the tennis elbow brace you’ve selected is a compression sleeve.

Some braces allow the straps to be adjusted while other elbow braces should be worn more like a sleeve and are made from stretchy materials.

If you have a tennis elbow brace with adjustable straps, wrap the strap around your forearm.

Pay attention that the strap is secured just below your elbow and that the cushioned part of the elbow brace is placed above the painful area.

Loop the strap through the brace around to the velcro and secure it in place. You can then adjust the straps until it feels comfortable.

How long should you wear a tennis elbow brace?

It is advisable to wear an elbow brace for the duration of activities that create discomfort or require repetitive actions to the wrist, hand, and forearm.

You should aim to take periodic breaks from using the elbow brace, to ensure healthy blood flow is being reached to the inflamed area to promote healing.

Signs that you are wearing your elbow brace too much include redness or irritation in the area where you are wearing the brace or discoloration or puffiness in your hand or wrist.

It is always advisable that you are consulting your physical therapist, to ensure you are wearing your tennis elbow brace correctly.

Can you wear a tennis elbow brace at night?

As a general rule of thumb, tennis elbow braces should not be worn to sleep or when resting at home.

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