XTEK Gym XL Parallettes Bars

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LAST UPDATED: 27 Apr 2021

Parallettes are versatile and great for anyone looking for a full upper body or intense ab workout so it's no surprise the XTEK Gym XL Parallettes Bars has made it into our top picks. 

Excellent and versatile calisthenic equipment that allows you to do a number of strength exercises that are ideal for gymnastic training or for dips, push-ups, V-sits, tuck, handstand push-ups, and ab workouts. 

Made from 2mm thick gauge steel and powder coating for a non-slip design and equipped with strong rounded 1.25-inch tubing, enables easy grips and rubber end caps on the feet to provide stability.

Perfect training equipment as part of CrossFit training, HIIT, dip station, or practice cross-through to get impressive abs at an impressive price.

The XTEK Gym XL Parallettes Bars are the ultimate home exercise equipment, to get your arms lean and toned and strong!

Key Features
  • Strong rounded 1.25-inch tubing
  • Matte powder coating
  • Non-rounded ends
  • 2mm heavy gauge steel
  • Premium non-slip rubber feet
  • Free PDF exercise book
  • High-quality rubber end caps for stability
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