Amazon Basics Dip Fitness Bar

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If you're looking for a good quality dip bar as a fitness enthusiast whose on a modest budget the Amazon Basics Dip Fitness Bar is an awe-inspiring option. 

Sporting a maximum user weight of 660 pounds and solid steel construction, it's a rock-solid dip bar that offers maximum stability. 

The foam, slip-free grips offer a safe, comfortable hold and the foam floor pads provide reliable stay-in-place performance. 

Excellent addition to any home gym, you'll be able to do tricep dips, knee raises, leg raises, back rows, and other exercises. 

If you stay the course, you'll be reaping the benefits of that V-shape physique in no time!

Key Features
  • Made of durable heavy-duty steel
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 661 pounds
  • Foam slip-free grips
  • Foam floor pads
  • Assembly required

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