WV WONDERVIEW Yoga Inversion Chair

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Safely build core strength and practice inversion therapy, while relieving neck tension with the WV WONDERVIEW Yoga Inversion Chair

Sporting a high-density foam cushion makes it a comfortable chair to invert, providing welcome lumbar support and no pressure at all on your head and neck.

The metal frame design is durable and strong, providing the right support, along with the non-slip pad. This sturdy chair is not moving, it's staying put. 

The removable cushion provides flexibility to use the yoga chair when doing different yoga poses and the ergonomic design allows even a novice to start practicing inversion therapy safely. 

Let the WV WONDERVIEW Yoga Inversion Chair support you!

Key Features
  • High-density PU cushion material
  • 4 cm thick sponge
  • Thick aluminum legs
  • Non-slip pad
  • Reinforced design
  • Steel frame design
  • Removable cushion

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