Tonkyo Inversion Gravity Boots

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If you're looking for some much-needed R&R for your back, look no further than the Tonkyo Inversion Gravity Boots. 

Boasting a quality design, with thick NBD foam with 1.25-inch padding, it offers a contoured fit around your ankles. 

If you have skinny legs, you may want to get supplementary padding, to get a snug fit.

With sturdy hooks and compatible with most pull-up bars with a diameter of 1.5-inches, the Tonkyo Inversion Gravity Boots can support a maximum user capacity of 330 pounds. 

Simply hang in an inverted position from 30 seconds to a few minutes every day or every other day and you'll be raving about the decompression of your spine in no time.

Key Features
  • Pair of inversion boots
  • 2-meter high-intensity band
  • Maximum user capacity: 330 pounds
  • 1.25-inch padding
  • Sturdy hooks
  • Hooks are compatible with standard 1 to 1.5-inch diameter pull-up bar

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