Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots

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The awe-inspiring gravity boots from Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots will help you on the road to recovery from compression fatigue caused by jogging, aerobic training, stepping, bicycling or weight training, or simply poor posture at your desk. 

Sporting thick, comfortable, contoured support pads and a heavy-duty single-action locking mechanism with a built-in safety lever, will help you hang in an inverted position from a pull-up bar or power rack with safety and comfort.

Extra support pads are included, enabling easy adjustment for users of different sizes.

Use the Body Solid GIB2 for a few minutes and experience the benefits of decompressing your spine, stretching your back, neck, and shoulder muscles, and increasing your flexibility. 

Your body will thank you for the consistent downward gravitational pull on the spine, discs, and muscles

Key Features
  • Thick support padding
  • Single-action locking mechanism
  • Built-in safety lever
  • Extra padding allows easy adjustment for users of different sizes
  • Maximum user weight: 300-pounds
  • Compatible with all standard pull-up bars

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