Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots

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This Product was reviewed by Staying Alive Crew Last updated: Feb 17 2022 at 09:15 am

The Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots is a solid option for all fitness enthusiasts and sufferers of back pains and muscle spasms, enabling you to benefit from inversion therapy in your home or when you are on the go. 

Hang upside down in safety and comfort with comfortable padded sides offering a contoured fit around the ankles. Sturdy hooks fit over standard pull-up bars and safety buckles close the pads.

Available in one size the Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots are easy to put on and take off, leaving you to hang upside down to get maximum back relief and chiropractic support.

Key Features
  • Foam padding for ankles
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Sturdy safety buckles
  • Color: black
  • Compatible with a standard pull-up bar
  • One size fits all
  • Maximum user capacity: 225-pounds

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