8MileLake Gravity Boots

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For anyone looking to relieve back pain and related issues due to a compressed spine and muscles, the 8MileLake Gravity Boots are a great addition to your inversion therapy routine at a mid-price range. 

An ideal pick for anyone seeking to build core strength, and stretching your back with boots that are built with strong materials.

Constructed with EVA foam padding, offering contoured supporter pads combined with a solid locking mechanism and built-in safety lever, providing maximum comfort and safety.

The single-action locking mechanism makes putting the boots on and off, super easy. 

Let go and swing upside down with comfort and let your back thank you!

Key Features
  • Blue & silver gravity boots
  • EVA foam with strong steel cover
  • Built-in safety lever
  • Single-action locking mechanism
  • Thick contoured support pads for comfort

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