SKLZ Super Sandbag

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If you are looking to develop total body strength, stability, and endurance, look no further than the SKLZ Super Sandbag

This versatile training tool allows you to execute countless training exercises, outdoors or in buildings, working your upper and lower body. 

It comes equipped with 4 inner filler bags, and you can fill about 10 pounds of sand in each of the filler bags. Just a side note, that the SKLZ sand bags don’t come pre-filled with sand

Featuring 6 soft-grip handles allows you to conduct a variety of exercises with different hand grips comfortably, without chafing your hands and working up a storm. 

The SKLZ Super Sandbag comes in a dynamic black and yellow color, bright enough to jazz up any customers’ workout.

Ideal for CrossFit and functional training enthusiasts at beginner or medium level. With a maximum weight of 40 pounds, the SKLZ Super Sandbag may be too light for hardcore bodybuilders looking for stacking or bulking up. 

If however, you want to add this sandbag to kick your cardio routine up a notch or two, you won't be disappointed.

Develop explosive power on-demand with the SKLZ Super Sandbag!

Key Features
  • 6 soft-grip handles
  • 4 inner weight bags included, which can have 10 pounds of sand packed into each filler bag
  • Maximum weight of 40 pounds
  • Color: Yellow & black
  • Durable outer shells for long-lasting use

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