Bulgarian Bag

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If you’re looking for a sandbag for functional training that creates power and neurological integration, the Bulgarian Bag original model from Suples is an outstanding option. 

Ideal for fighters, wrestlers, or CrossFit junkies who are seeking a uniquely designed bag versatile enough to suit all training needs, perfect for upper and lower body training while emphasizing grip strength.

The Bulgarian bag comes pre-filled in 15 different pre-calibrated weights and is constructed from premium leather that doesn’t break easily. 

Three different types of handles allow you to execute a variety of exercises using different grips, stimulating core stabilization, and activating back muscles or adding in benches.

It comes complete with instructional videos from the creator of the sand bags and is backed with a generous 2-year warranty. 

Once you start training with the Bulgarian Bag, you’ll find it hard to curb your pace like a traffic control warden!

Key Features
  • Different weights from 6 to 84 pounds
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Made with real premium leather
  • Durable
  • Access to instructional videos for exercise by the inventor Ivan Ivanov

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