Plank Luxe Hybrid

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The Plank Luxe Hybrid design is inspired by the minimalist approach to sleep in Asia.

The stronger, more flat, and flippable surface of the Plank Luxe Hybrid mattress encourage a neutral spine position that is better for your back. The two-way comfort system with a coil core comes with two options

You can adjust the Plank Luxe Hybrid's firmness level to your liking by flipping the mattress to adjust:

The Plank Luxe Hybrid's flippable design lets you adjust the foam firmness: The quilted top layer is 0.75 inches thick and has continuous stitching, whereas a 2-inch high-density support layer stands alone.

When you turn the mattress over, you have a 1.5-inch quilted top layer with tack-and-jump stitching is paired with a 1-inch TitanFlex comfort layer and a 2-inch high-density support layer that offers a firm sleep experience.

The mattress's 6-inch core of individually encased TitanCaliber coils provides greater reactivity and pressure point relief for both sleep partners, with the firm and extra firm sides benefiting.

The Plank Luxe Hybrid's pillow-top is also designed to produce a neutral spine posture that's better for your back and posture, reducing strain on your circulatory system while compelling you to breathe more oxygen as you sleep.

The soft and firm sides of each product are topped with a soft layer that is filled with water. The two surfaces may be cooled together or separately, depending on the type you choose for your hot sleepers.

Memory foam beds combined with coils don’t get better than this!

Key Features
  • Optional: top cooling panel (for extra-firm side)
  • A 0.75-inch quilted top layer
  • 2-inch high-density support foam
  • 6-inch individually encased TitanCaliber coils
  • 2-inch high-density support foam
  • 1-inch TitanFlex comfort foam
  • 1.5-inch quilted bottom
  • Flippable design: firm on one side, extra firm on the other side
  • Flatter sleep surface
  • 13.25-inch thickness

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