Helix Midnight Luxe

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The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress has zoned lumbar support, a premium quilted pillow top with an ultra-breathable Tencel cover.

Ideally suited for side sleepers or people that toss and turn at night. It’s excellent for pressure point alleviation on your hips and shoulders, and this model includes foam layers of comfort.

The foam firmness is not too hard or soft at the top of your mattress, and it's a good firmness level for couples with different feel preferences.

The Tencel top of the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is ideal for hot sleepers, who want something that is breathable and has maximum ventilation technology.

The bottom comfort layer of foam in the mattress provides foundation support and durability to the entire product.

To help cradle your body, align your spine, and provide advanced lumbar and edge support, you'll receive 1,000+ wrapped coils.

A softer feel under your shoulders and a firmer feel beneath your hips helps to keep the bones of your upper back in place for sleepers with scoliosis.

The transition layer, which is made of high-grade polyfoam, provides optimal ergonomic support and shape while allowing your body weight to smoothly transfer into the mattress. 

The best hybrid mattress on the market!

Key Features
  • Hybrid foam-spring design
  • Breathable Tencel cover
  • Memory plus foam comfort layer
  • Gel Visco support layer
  • High-density poly foam transition layer
  • 1,000 wrapped coils zoned body shape layer
  • Duradense foam base layer
  • Firmness: Medium feel
  • Tencel airflow technology
  • Complimentary 2 Dream pillows

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