GOFITNESS Push Down Bar Machine

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Build, sculpt and shape your chest, biceps and triceps, with the GOFITNESS Push Down Bar Machine and let it act as your personal trainer. 

It's more than just a chest muscle builder, the GOFITNESS workout equipment can also be used to target precise muscle groups to accelerate growth, enhance definition and increase strength, including the chest, arms, abs, shoulders, and back.

Unlike bands with resistance, you don't need doors, rafters, beams, or trees to attach it to. 

Simply pick up your GOFITNESS Push Down Bar Machine, hold your arms and shoulder level, take care to not lock your elbows,  and pull to get targeted workouts with a variety of different movements. Then slowly return to the original position and repeat.

Resistance ranges from 30 to 110 pounds and is suitable for both men, women, beginners, or veterans alike. 

Built with 4 super-tough, steel springs, these high-grade springs are compressed, offering a great range of motion and eliminating rebound and breakage risk. 

With a lightweight design, the GOFTINESS Push Down Bar Machine is a breeze to travel with!

Key Features
  • Heavy weights range from 30, 50, 70, 90, & 110 pounds
  • 4 super-tough, steel springs
  • Springs are compressed
  • Powerful frame structure
  • Offers full-range of motion - 26-inch

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