EAST MOUNT Power Twister

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LAST UPDATED: 18 Jun 2021

Say goodbye to your old spring power twister chest expander and say hello to the EAST MOUNT Power Twister.

Made of high-density double carbon steel, firm and durable, it's made to withstand wear and tear.

Ergonomically designed PU handles provide you with a comfortable grip and a special anti-slip texture design protects against accidentally falling off. 

The buckle of the handle's bottom is easy to store and convenient to carry. 

Sporting a hydraulic power twister ensures it's safer and more durable due to the patented hydraulic adjustment system principle, which prevents the danger of the spring breaking and it won't rebound and hurt you. 

Boasting adjustable resistance with a simple rotation of the knob allows you to dial up the resistance from 22 to 440 pounds, making this perfect for newbies and veterans.

Build muscle and burn fat with the EAST MOUNT Power Twister!

Key Features
  • Adjustable resistance by roatating a knob from 22-440 pounds
  • Double-layer steel tube design
  • Stable triangle structure
  • Professional micro-rebound
  • Adjustable length: 36.2-48.8 inches
  • PU soft rubber handle
  • Available in 3 colors
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