Sunsign Adjustable Chest Expander

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It's no surprise that the impressive chest expander from Sunsign has made it into our top list with the Sunsign Adjustable Chest Expander

Made of natural Malaysian latex tubes ensures the cables are extremely strong tensile and resilient.

A cool camouflage sheat offers anti-tension, anti-oxidation, and strong sheath, helping to avoid any rebound that would otherwise result in an accidental injury. 

Sporting three-stage removal clips enables easy disassembly to adjust the resistance as you progress on your training journey.  There are 4 resistance levels to select ranging from 80 to 198 pounds. 

Equipped with a thickened steel pipe has a universal rotating buckle head, making it no problem taking a very high load-bearing capacity. 

Let the Sunsign Adjustable Chest Expander strengthen your upper body so that you feel awesome in your clothes!

Key Features
  • Malaysian Natural latex cables
  • Comfortable cushioned pads
  • 2 soft non-slip rubber handles
  • 4 resistance levels to choose from: 80, 105, 150 & 198 pounds
  • 6 resistance bands - you can choose to use 2, 4, or 6 resistance bands
  • Quick-release chucks

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