Emfit QS Sleep Tracker

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LAST UPDATED: 28 Nov 2020

A standout contact-free sleep monitor, the Emfit QS Sleep Tracker is a must-have for athletes and sporty individuals, with a focus on tracking nightly total recovery and improvements to be made. 

The measuring strip is placed under the mattress and starts collating stats using ballistocardiography, with a sensitive compression sensor. 

A wealth of metrics are gathered from sleep cycles to heart rates, HRV, and movements during sleep. 

The Emfit QS Sleep Tracker provides a range of measurements that are highly useful to individuals in physical exercise and athletes alike. 

Focusing on total recovery and recovery efficiency along with other outcomes. 

This is a great option for those of you wanting to be free to move around in your sleep and not be restricted by wearable tech. You won't even know it's under the mattress.

Key Features
  • Under the mattress sensor with 1.8 meters long cord
  • An analytical device with a WiFI connection
  • Power adaptor with 4 globally compatible plugs
  • Monitors total recovery, HRV, heart & breathing rates
  • Tracks sleep cycles & movement
  • Contact-free sleep & health monitor
  • Follow daily recovery
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