SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Improvement System

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LAST UPDATED: 28 Nov 2020

Get excited for the SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Improvement System, a sleep monitor designed to sit on your bedside table and analyze your sleep. 

SleepScore Max uses biomotion sensor technology to collate sleep details of a sleeper's movement, breathing, key sleep stages, and the bedroom environment. 

For it to effectively work, ensure it's placed no more than 1.18 meters away from the bed and directed towards your chest, allowing maximum success in compiling sleep statistics. 

Sleepers can set sleep goals and the reports generated can be downloaded, providing invaluable data for you to have discussions with your medical practitioner on your sleep ailments and make an aligned plan for improvement. 

Key Features
  • Bedside monitor/sensor
  • Provides personalized, science-based advice
  • Monitors breathing, motion, room environment, sleep cycles
  • Provides recommendations to improve sleep
  • Smart alarm
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