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The Best White Noise Machine

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White Noise Machines

Very few individuals are blessed to have sleeping quarters that are as quiet and silent as a mouse, allowing them to fall asleep without disruptions.  

Many people encounter some kind of noises that affect their sleep, whether it’s traffic, a generator, loud neighbors, a neighbor's baby, or even some medical conditions such as ADHD or Tinnitus, to name a few culprits. 

On the other hand, you may just be a new parent desperate to restore some kind of sleep routine for your baby, or toddler. 

An increasing number of individuals are turning to appliances such as white noise machines to help them, their infants, or toddlers to fall asleep.

White noise machines combine all perceptible frequencies helping you to relax to mundane looped or random constant noise that lulls you to sleep

Below we’ve taken the liberty of scouring through countless white noise machine models to bring you the best white noise machines out in the market. 

Rest noise-free to the sound of your choice. 

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12 Best White Noise Machines in 2024

White Noise Machines Buying Guide

If you’re ready to embrace white noise machines to improve the quality of your sleep, be sure to read the buying guide we’ve compiled below to help you select one. 

White noise machines are designed to aid sound sleep however, many come with additional features that you might want to take into account before making your final purchase.

White Noise Machines

You may know them as white noise machines or simply as sound machines. A white noise machine is a gadget that generates a cascade of background noise. 

The primary function of these sound machines is to drown out the noise that interrupts or prohibits your slumber. 

Before you go to sleep you put the sound you want, at the volume level you want, and lie back and slowly drift off to sleep listening to the gush of static. Sounds strange but it works!

Benefits of White Noise Machines

White noise machines are a lifesaver for many adults, who reside in noisy sleep spaces or who may travel often and need to drown out the noise contaminants in their sleep environment to get rest. 

White noise machines can also be beneficial for sufferers of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), who are known to get anxious around bedtime and can wake up multiple times during the night.

Using white noise for a baby, infants and toddlers sporadically have become increasingly popular with parents who crave their child to sleep peacefully through the night. 

Most parents use white noise machines intermittently as a great tool to help sleep train their young ones and mask annoying noises that interrupt rest. 

Children are said to be soothed by the ambient noise, which replicates the noise babies are exposed to in utero. 

Whilst white noise is greatly beneficial, it should not be used every night.

Features of Best White Noise Machines


Who is primarily going to use the machine? Adults or are you looking to buy for a newborn, infant, or toddler? This will impact which machine you buy, along with the sound options it offers.

Home Usage

Are you a homebody looking to buy a white noise machine for exclusive usage at home in your bedroom? 

Then you probably want to buy something that fits on your nightstand, is not too bulky, and complements the general ambiance of your bedroom.

Travel & Portability

Are you a globe trotter who can’t stay still? White noise machines are a godsend to drown out noise pollution experienced in noisy hotels, planes, and travels by other modes of transport. 

Look for a white noise machine that is compact and portable and that is operated by battery or offers battery operation in addition to being powered electrically, allowing you the best of both worlds. 


Most white noise machines come in a standard size. The typical white noise machine doesn't come larger than 9 or 10 inches, length, width, and height-wise. The portable travel versions can be more compact.

Sound Options

Most white noise machines come in a standard size. The typical white noise machine doesn't come larger than 9 or 10 inches, length, width, and height-wise. The portable travel versions can be more compact.

White Noise

The soothing volume remains constant. Emitting high, low and medium frequencies that a human ear can hear. White noise is best described as a static hiss-like sound.

Pink Noise

A form of white noise. Unlike white noise, it dials down frequency volume. The resulting sound resembles steady rainfall or wind. 

Brown Noise

Also a form of white noise, here the frequency is reduced even further, allowing the lower range to be more pronounced. Imagine the sound of the surf coming in or rolling thunder.

Nature Sounds

The ocean, rain, and sounds of the rainforest.

A mix of Sounds

Perhaps you want a mix of noise generators, that offer the option of white, pink, and brown noise with natural sound elements incorporated such as ocean waves/thunderstorms.


Screen, whether the machine offers adjustable volume settings. Do you want a machine with high-quality sounds? 

Then look for a machine that comes with an integrated speaker, along with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities to ensure you get top-quality sound. 


Do you have a preference for the kind of white noise machine you want? Any preference for shape? Round? Rectangular? Or do you favor the models that look like a more compact version of a spider conference phone?

  • Color - There are classic white or silver options that you can’t go wrong with. If you’re feeling bolder go for the black and red or blue and black model. 
  • Ambiance - Is the decoration in your bedroom more classic or modern and minimalistic?


Is the decoration in your bedroom more classic or modern and minimalistic? 


These days white noise machines come equipped with multiple features.

  • Looping - Do you want a machine that loops its sounds to create the illusion of a continuous listening experience and minimize disruptions or do you want continuous random sounds? Which you prefer comes down to personal preference. 
  • Timer - If you want to set a timer for the white noise machine to start/turn off look for machines with timer settings. This is a super attractive feature to have especially if you are using the machine for infants and/or toddlers. 
  • Alarm & Digital Display - Instead of having a white noise machine and an alarm clock cluttering your nightstand, you may want to buy a white noise machine that has a built-in alarm and clock, saving you space on your bedside table. 
  • Accessibility to Headphones - If your partner has an aversion to white noise machines, you might want to look into white noise machines that offer built-in headphone jacks. Offering you a more solo and private experience.
  • Night Light - Many machines come with light capabilities. If you want a machine with light functions to create mood and ambiance bear this in mind. For others, they may find the light feature distracting. 


If you want a white noise machine that works both when you’re at home and away traveling, then look into models that are both battery-operated and powered by electrical power.


Some brands do offer warranties. Others may not offer warranties but may offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

White Noise Machines FAQ

How does white noise work?

White noise is a continuous and uniform level of noise that is emitted evenly across all frequencies, at high, medium, and low frequencies. 

Imagine a symphony performing together, all playing varying notes, that's the best way to describe it. 

Annoying noises that can disturb your snooze can be a noisy neighbor, pesky children outside, noise on the street, or even traffic. 

Sound machines such as a white noise machine which emits white noise, like a staticky-hiss, can mask these noises so you sleep soundly. 

There are 3 main examples of white noise: 

  • Natural sounds like waves, rain, and wind, and even crickets.
  • Mechanical noises such as the whirring of a fan, or the gushing sounds made when a dishwasher is washing dishes.
  • Ambient sounds, which replicate sounds like light traffic, or gathering of people.

Where should you put your white noise machine?

The most common place a sound machine is placed is on your nightstand next to your bed, or in any room giving you proximity to the machine as you fall asleep. 

Ensure you place the white noise machine at a minimum distance of 3 meters from your head. This is the optimal place to have it. 

If there is a specific noise source that you wish to drown out, you may want to place it closer to the source of the noise to ensure the white noise can mask the noise disturbance as much as possible. 

What is the right white noise sound setting?

This comes down to personal preference, trial and error, and how loud the nuisance sound is that you wish to mask. 

The white noise machine should be set to a lower noise level for babies and toddlers. There are many white noise machine models to select from.

Is white noise for sleep harmful?

For babies, infants, and young children, it is recommended to use white noise machines occasionally, as in the earlier months and years their cognitive and sensory functions are still developing.

White Noise Machines Sources

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