Arctic Ice Clear Water Therapy Ice Machine

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Whether you are looking to reduce swelling, sports injuries, or post-surgery recovery, you'll have a comfortable recovery with the Arctic Ice Clear Water Therapy Ice Machine.  The 12-quart ice therapy machine includes a durable base unit, a universal cold therapy pad, and insulated tubing. All you need to do is simply add ice and water. Designed for ease of use, the cooling therapy system is whisper-quiet, compact, and portable with an integrated carry handle. The base allows for easy filling with marked guides for both minimum and maximum water levels.  The one-size-fits-all universal wrap fits securely around any treatment area. Additional joint pads are sold separately.  The extra-long insulated tubing ensures the water temperature remains consistent throughout the treatment cycle.  It's time for you to get as cold with the Arctic Ice Clear Water Therapy Machine!
Key Features
  • Ice therapy machine
  • Universal therapy pad
  • Additional adjustable strap
  • Cold cubes
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Extra-long foam insulated tubing
  • Auto-shut-off

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