Aircast Cryo Cuff Cold Therapy Knee Solution

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You'll get an integrated approach to cold therapy on a modest budget with the Aircast Cryo Cuff Cold Therapy Knee Solution

Delivers chilled water directly into a Cryo/Cuff that is anatomically designed to provide maximum cryotherapy, eliminating the risk of tissue damage. 

Sporting a focal compression using a non-motorized, gravity-fed system the Aircast Cryo Cuff is lightweight and easy to take with you. 

Ideal for anyone seeking cold therapy on the knee. The cooling pad is designed to fit either the right or left leg.

Let your knee cool down in your humble abode!

Key Features
  • Universal kneed pad allows fitting on the right or left leg
  • Focal compression
  • Non-motorized, gravity-fed system
  • Anatomically designed cuff

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