COOLMAN Cold Therapy System Cryotherapy Machine

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LAST UPDATED: 4 May 2021

Rocking into our list is an outstanding ice machine from COOLMAN for treating post-surgical and acute injuries to reduce edema, swelling, and pain with the COOLMAN Cold Therapy System Cryotherapy Machine

Using a pump to continuously circulate cold water onto a soft therapy pad, provides hours of comfortable and gentle cryotherapy, so you don't have to keep changing cold packs that aren't cold anymore. 

Equipped with a high-quality diaphragm pump that provides a quiet and steady running state, brings a cold therapy machine that isn't a nuisance to others when in use. 

The universal pad is suitable for use on the knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, arm, hip and leg and is soft and comfortable to use. 

If that wasn't impressive enough it has 5 levels of flow rate settings and time settings within 90 minutes and allows the water temperature to be monitored like a hawk. 

Backed with a solid 1-year warranty allows you to stay cold worry free!

Key Features
  • Cold therapy machine
  • Universal therapy pad
  • Insulated circulating water tube
  • Elastic bandages
  • Non-woven barrier
  • Product user manual
  • Low noise, diaphragm pump
  • 5 flow rate settings & time settings
  • Water temperature monitoring
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