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Two Little F Words

Feasting and Fasting Your Way To Optimal Health

Nov 16, 2020 | 140 Pages
Two Little F Words

It's not your genes that decide the course of your life. In Two Little F Words, Christina Acevedo - a Red Seal Chef and Holistic Nutritionist - shares her inspiring perspective on attaining optimal health and Alzheimer's prevention through fasting and feasting with delectable gluten-free whole food recipes.

Christina will provide you with the necessary knowledge to start your journey toward optimal health by introducing two essential and effective wellness pillars: time-restricted eating, and feasting on whole foods.

Not only that but she will also help you comprehend how a diet high in processed food contributes to the current state of widespread disease around the world.

When you begin to make mindful dietary decisions and limit your eating period for the day, it will inspire a desire in you to cultivate more balance within yourself and prioritize other important health foundations such as sound sleep, physical activity, and detoxification.

Permit the insights in this book to ignite your understanding of an existence that can be lived at its full potential without letting your genes dictate your health. This is a way of life, not just another diet!

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