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The Musical Brain

Profile picture of abel-james Abel James (Author)
Jan 09, 2014 | 70 Pages
The Musical Brain

Abel James' compelling review of academic literature dives into the fascinating connection between language, music, evolution, and the brain. Even though music is widely interwoven in human experience, culture, and history – its evolutionary advantage remains mysterious.

Those who are around musicians for any length of time can attest to their "unique" nature. The hours logged in music production have had a lasting influence on these individuals, both mentally and neurologically.

This raises an interesting point: Does musical experience literally alter the human brain? Or is it that musicians possess innate qualities that make them suited for this profession? Either way, one thing's certain—music has the power to transform us!

Abel James delves deep into the minds of renowned thinkers and investigates various ideas about how music started. Is it a result of sexual desire, an extension of verbal communication, or simply a subsidiary effect of some cognitive and perceptual activities that serve other intents? Abel aims to uncover the truth behind these theories surrounding music's origin.

To truly appreciate the intricacies of our relationship with music, one must investigate both biology and development alongside cultural influences. Uncovering a more detailed explanation of how music impacts humans relies on considering both nature's influence and nurture's effects.

Every individual has musical knowledge that is a combination of universal biological elements as well as unique aspects stemming from their personal development and cultural backgrounds.

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