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Life In The Fasting Lane

Profile picture of dr-jason-fung Dr. Jason Fung (Author)
May 19, 2024
Life In The Fasting Lane

Intermittent fasting, where you limit your calorie intake for a set period of time, has become a more common dieting strategy in recent years. Even though some members of the medical community wrote it off as dangerous at first, newer studies have not only validated its safety but also found other compelling benefits; such as the reversal of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, increased cognitive function, and longevity.

Despite the benefits of fasting, many people feel discouraged to try it out because it seems daunting.

The idea of not eating food sounds unappealing, and rightfully so! People wonder things like: How often can I eat if I fast? Will work suffer? Can I still workout? And the most pressing question on everyone's mind-- Won't I be incredibly hungry?!

Dr. Jason Fung, a world-renowned fasting expert, has teamed up with Megan Ramos and Eve Mayer to write a guide that answers questions people have about fasting while providing a customizable program for real results.

In Life in the Fasting Lane, Dr. Fung and his colleagues introduce the reader to fasting as a way of life by explaining both the science behind it and how it is commonly applied in real-world scenarios.

Dr. Fung and Ramos lay out the basics of fasting while Mayer, a success story who used fasting to change her life, provides readers with valuable insights from her own experience.

From meal prepping to pharmaceuticals, and even socializing -- Life in the Fasting Lane covers all your bases for developing a fasting routine that will last you a lifetime.

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