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Generation XL

Raising Healthy, Intelligent Kids in a High-tech, Junk-food World

May 26, 2024 | 246 Pages
Generation XL

Health professionals Joseph Mercola and Ben Lerner believe that a diet of fast food and sugary drinks, combined with too much time spent inactive in front of electronic screens, has created a national health emergency. This is particularly worrisome because childhood is a pivotal time for good nutrition; if children's bodies are deprived of nutrients early on, they will be less likely to enjoy good health later in life.

Generation XL is a guide that provides parents with the tools they need to give their children a successful and healthy future.

Parents are concerned as more and more children display signs of pain, illness, learning disorders, and depression. Rather than embrace brain development, nutrition, and movement as potential solutions, they turn to medications instead.

Is it natural for humans to rely on medication and be drugged regularly? What does the future hold for kids who are overweight, out of shape, and taking medications to cope with the effects? What kind of children is society creating?

Dr. Mercola and Lerner not only show you how kids were designed to eat, breathe, sleep, run, and live - they also teach you how to change your family culture for the better. You'll learn where the current cultural norms are failing us so that you can either avoid these situations or help create much-needed change.

If you want to help your child avoid health risks like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it's important to make healthy lifestyle changes early on.

As suggested in Generation XL, these changes will not only help your child maintain a healthy weight but also build a strong body and positive mental attitude. Additionally, making these tweaks at a young age will give your kid the best chance for success later down the road.

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