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Energetic Diagnosis

Groundbreaking Thesis on Diagnosing Disease and Chronic Illness

Dec 21, 2021 | 304 Pages
Energetic Diagnosis

Dr. Neil Nathan's new book, Energetic Diagnosis, argues that a patient's personal energy field is the best way to diagnose disease and chronic illness.

Dr. Nathan believes that treating a sick person's energy is often overlooked and under-valued. He suggests that medical professionals should consider personal events leading up to sickness as well as any lingering mental trauma the patient may have experienced. To do this, he advises them to use a process called Energetic Intuition—which allows us to tap into our own subconscious pattern recognition abilities.

In his book, Dr. Nathan eloquently explains how he taps into and trusts both himself and the patient’s physical/mental state to understand their ailment. As a result of his many years of using this method, hundreds of patients have found optimal health and find balance in their lives.

Besides a comprehensive explanation of how human energy is detected and noted in a clinical setting by medics using specific gadgets, interference fields, and various autonomic response tests, Energetic Diagnosis features detailed accounts from guest doctors about the sorts of energy-based treatments they use in their practices. These include A.R.T. (autonomic response testing), kinesiology, and FSM (frequency-specific microcurrents).

The book ends with Dr. Nathan discussing energetic considerations that are important for building one's awareness and achieving a total mind, body, and soul experience. He talks about the importance of dreams, native healing, and communication with animals and nature.

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