Gaiam Restore Total Body Foam Roller

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Roll yourself to a stronger and healthier you with the Gaiam Restore Total Body Foam Roller

It provides a semi-firm texture for gently massaging and stretching, allowing you to release built-up tension, loosen stiffness and elongate and align the skeletal system.

Expert guidance is on hand in a 15-minute downloadable video showcasing a routine to expand your range of motion, relax muscles, release tension and restore soft tissue. 

Recovery, pain relief, and releasing tension have never been easier than with this semi-firm density longer length foam roller. 

The foam is soft enough to offer a soothing effect, and yet firm enough to break up and roll out sore muscles

Key Features
  • Semi-firm density
  • Made of durable foam
  • Includes 15-minute digital workout
  • Available in 2 sizes

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